How not to take things personally? | Frederik Imbo | TEDxMechelen

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  • 3/03/2020 को प्रकाशित
  • Frederik Imbo studied theatre at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent and has acted in lots of television series. He founded Imboorling and now has over 15 years' experience in stimulating and supporting people. With the aim of improving their communication skills Frederik gives presentations, workshops, training courses and personal coaching sessions to anyone prepared to make their two ears available.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Ambrose Hallward
    Ambrose Hallward साल पहले +28

    There should be a class in school where we just watch Ted talks all day.

  • Mickey
    Mickey  +3

    He really didnt take it personally, in presenting to such a Dull audience. Bravo sir, you proved your point

  • Taylor Petrarca

    These 17 minutes have helped me understand my social anxiety more than I ever thought a video could. I now have a new process of thinking that I will apply to my every minute of life.

  • Talisha
    Talisha  +403

    “Look at the other person’s intention”… powerful👏🏽It’s so important to realize that a person’s character is who they are WAY before you met them. You have to find a way to not change your character based on their actions. Great discussion Frederik!

  • Becca L
    Becca L  +747

    "No matter what they do or say you always keep your value" now that right there was the biggest lesson learned!

  • James Brooks

    His method of delivery is one of the best I've witnessed especially on such a difficult topic. This desperately needs to be taught in schools.

  • Zoha Abidi
    Zoha Abidi साल पहले +15

    Last message was the best.

  • True Crime Analyst


  • Sarah
    Sarah  +219

    The pastors at my church call this strategy “generous assumptions”- assuming the best of someone, thinking of alternative reasons why they may have done something rather than assuming the worst. Super helpful.

  • uh0really
    uh0really  +230

    This is a 10/10 talk, one of the best! He is also such an engaging speaker!

  • 9094mtz
    9094mtz  +101


  • Ali
    Ali  +86

    This is EXACTLY what i put to practice on a daily basis and preach about to my friends, perspective is a beautiful thing! I want to emphasize something you mentioned, you have to practice this actively in everyday situations in order to train your brain to do it, but it has brought me to a state of zen, otherwise I was a very angry person.

  • Pokie
    Pokie साल पहले +2

    He explained it to us like we are fifth graders and that’s exactly what I needed; a good break down and understanding of each part. This was beautiful

  • idk what to name myself ♡

    I've been going through hard time and my emotions are out of control about how other people perceive me but this made me think so much!! Thank youu for this outstanding speech. I made a note to remind myself.

  • BTS Ikigai

    This is one of my hardest struggles, I always take things personally and I don’t always speak up about my feelings and concerns. Thank you for this Frederic, very helpful and I hope I can always remind and help myself :)

  • Arthur Moraud

    Really good speaker. He shares his emotions and thoughts so easily without filtering what could be used against him.

  • Марія Щасна
    Марія Щасна 9 घंटे पहले

    I really liked his perfomance. There were simple but strong expressions which motivate not to lose the belief in yourself. To my mind, the whole point of Frederik's speech is understanding your own valuality!😊

  • BonBon S
    BonBon S  +37

    I literally had this thought last week: do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? Now here this is. And he explains so eloquently.

  • Milka De La Cruz
    Milka De La Cruz साल पहले +7

    All the dislikes are from people who took this TED talk personally

  • R G
    R G  +23

    I honestly never thought about it that way. I appreciate him mentioning the example of the friend not wanting to hangout because of "work" and then going out with other friends. That has affected me for years with the people I know