The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast

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  • 15/10/2013 को प्रकाशित

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  • Silver Hawk

    “Treatments need to be tailored to each individual brain, not clusters of symptoms.” Very well said! And i am so touched after listening to Andrew’s story. I really hope more psychiatrists would use brain scan for patient analysis and heal more brains. Thank you so much!

  • Ashtyn
    Ashtyn  +731

    Having more doctors like him would diminish so much suffering in this world.

  • D. Valerio
    D. Valerio  +128

    Absolutely. This is a professional who knows his responsibility towards his patients. Priceless.

  • Sara Khan
    Sara Khan 7 घंटे पहले +1

    The part about his nephew Andrew really put me to tears. His work helped save his own nephew’s life ❤

  • Joanne Krasnozon

    This is such an important talk. I worked in mental health most of my nursing career. I love the idea of getting to the root of the problem and having evidence of pathology as it may help "legitimize" mental illness as there is still so much skepticism and stigma. And actually being able to change someone's brain-- that's huge!!

  • Kazi Safayat Huq

    ' When you have the privilege of changing someone's brain, you are not only changing his or her life, you have the opportunity to change generations to come '

  • Real Mike Clements
    Real Mike Clements 5 साल पहले +8

    Behaviour is not the problem, behaviour is an expression of the problem. Love this one

  • Foil Haberdashery

    This is a terrific talk. Sadly, though, I would speculate the kind of treatments he's talking about are financially out of reach for the people who most need them.

  • Ette
    Ette  +52

    Still the best Ted Talk of all time!

  • Elin
    Elin  +70

    I can't describe how much I love this talk! I've thought about that for a long time.. that I want a brain scan. I guess it's too expensive for the system to do... But seriously.. we need more freaking brain scans! It would be amazing if I could finally get the right help and feel better after so many years of mental torment, instead of playing the guessing game...

    IL MOSTRO  +77

    My father in law slipped on ice and cracked his head on pavement last year. For a few weeks, in the hospital, he was a different person, a terrible person. After whatever healing took place, he eventually came back to normal. It’s amazing - we ARE our brains. There’s nothing more than what’s going on in that mush inside the skull and it determines who you are and how you act.

  • Fitterminal

    “The following information may contain suicide or self harm topics” - INclips

  • Fishing Treatment
    Fishing Treatment 2 साल पहले +7

    "Behavior is the expression of the problem, not the problem". Daniel Amen.


    My god this is life changing . I've been diagnosed with so many forms of behavioral issues from BiPolar to ADHD, general panic and anxiety (the worst), The crippling depression, the list continues. I told my doctor I don't want to try any more antipsychotics because the last one almost killed me. I'm a 45 yr old single mother. How I w xanax pristine and lithium, none of which work. I'm still depressed and anxious as everyday. I would love to have a brain scan but no one has yet to do nothing like that just throw more pills at me

  • Serpentine S

    This talk reminds me of a fascinating article I read online over 15 years ago, about a murder, and how many prisoners had some kind of head injury in their background. That info always stuck with me. Never found much material on that again, so glad I found this talk.

  • kesi afiya

    How refreshing to hear an experienced professional admit to the flaws in the system and standard practice of mental health 👌

  • Yep It's Me

    Dealing with depression and anxiety for over 40 years (symptoms began at age 8), I can't believe that mental health professionals don't do brain scans on everyone who suffers ANY kind of mental illness. He's so on point when he says every other organ or skeletal problem is looked at internally. It's so simple it's almost laughable - but it's so sad. I wonder what he thinks about inheriting mental illness (thanks Dad!)? Why does medication work on some people, but not others?

  • Mia Nguyen

    he is so awe inspiring and instrumental. i was sincerely admiring his delivery since i can feel his genuine honesty and kindness! love this one. i have been having troubles with my mental health for more than a year now, and this sparks a light in me. thank you mr daniel amen, i think you have saved another live ;)

  • D Hardy
    D Hardy साल पहले +2

    "Behavior is an expression of the problem, behavior isn't not the problem."

  • nina baptista

    Soo amazing of information, and he showed respect and compassion for the people who suffer from mental illness.